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Post by amath on Thu May 12, 2011 12:26 am

Smile Free members get 1:1 Surf Ratio, that is, surf one website for one view of your own website. The surf ratio increases by 5% every 30 pages surfed during one day. For every 50 sites you visit in one day, you get an instant 10% ratio increase the next day. You will also get Bonus Surf Credits, while surfing.

Arrow Free members can add upto 5 Websites, 5 Banners and 5 text adds (hotlinks), more for upgraded members. You will get FREE banners and hotlink impressions as long as you have credits in your account.

Traffic Co-op Lotto - Get one free ticket every week and win surprise lotto tickets while you surf.

Top Surfer Contests - Win even more credits with daily, weekly and monthly top surfer contests

50 FREE credits are rewarded after signing up and activating your account. Surf only 50 pages to activate your account.

1000 Referral Credits are rewarded to you for building YOUR downline. Referral program with 5 Levels 10% - 5% - 2% - 2% - 1%. Send an email to your 1st level downline once per week.

Downline Builder helps build your downline in other programs, you can also add your own programs, if they are not already in the list. You can transfer your credits to encourage your downline to join your other programs.

Exclamation I will give you additionally 200 credits, if you join via my referral link.
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